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Reverse Auctions

Why Reverse Auctions?

Through reverse auctions, Corporate Purchasing Solutions can assist your buying organizations to dramatically improve your sourcing process and identify immediate and ongoing procurement savings. The world's leading and largest companies have utilized Reverse Auctions to source more than $ 45 billion in goods and services, and identify savings of over $ 9 billion to date.

Over 620,000 suppliers from more than 70 countries have competed for the more than $ 45 billion worth of business that has been bid through the reverse auction industry to date.

Benefits of Sourcing Through Reverse Auctions

Our flexible portfolio of sourcing platforms and service solutions provide companies with all of the tools they need to dramatically improve their sourcing process and identify fast, measurable savings by conducting strategic sourcing online. Through our sourcing platforms and service solutions, organizations can identify high-quality, global suppliers, create and distribute detailed Requests for Quotation (RFQ), and structure and execute effective online markets for a wide range of goods and services. 

Learn more about how reverse auctions work with companies and the results we can deliver to your organization.



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