Corporate Purchasing Solutions 

Your Strategic Supply Chain Advantage Partner

The most important work a corporation can do today is to fully understand and advance its supply chain contribution. Strategic sourcing and logistics are fundamental enablers to achieving lowest total-cost producer status. Beginning with defining a customer’s wants and needs, and culminating with fulfilling them, your organization’s supply chain represents a complex array of business processes, decisions, and resource commitments, unsurpassed by any other dimension of the organization.

Best-in-class companies — those that routinely achieve double-digit price/cost reductions — are characterized by intense focus, impeccable definition, and aggressive, systematic execution in realizing the full contributions available in strategic sourcing and logistics. Waste and costs are stripped out. Critical supply chain capabilities are integrated with core business competencies to create customer value and promote profit. Cross-functional teams — empowered to establish lowest-total-cost sourcing and logistics strategies, business practices, and decision hierarchy — are the hallmark of supply chain success.

Our Core Capabilities
Corporate Purchasing Solutions offers clients a unique blend of competitive techniques, proven methodologies, systematic/aggressive initiative management, best practice insight, and consulting experience that's practical and solution focused. These capabilities, coupled with multi-market experience, cross-functional strategies, and supply chain expertise, give clients the resources and tools for achieving sustainable results across the supply chain.

Specifically developed to enhance our client's competitive advantage, our core capabilities include:

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