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Strategic SCM

The supply chain makes up the single largest cost component of a corporation’s revenues—typically 55-85% of the sales dollars. It is comprised of two essential elements: strategic sourcing and strategic logistics. These elements include the flow of information, business processes, and decisions to specify, design, plan, purchase, transport, warehouse, inventory, and deliver materials and services to internal and external customers. Most importantly, the supply chain integrates all decisions, processes, and activities on a lowest-total-cost life cycle basis from raw materials to end-user.

The efficiency and effectiveness of these processes are quickly becoming the industry-competitive differentiators. Your supply chain integrates core business and customer needs with best-in-class supply base capabilities. It helps companies routinely achieve double-digit price/cost reductions and drives profitability upwards. In fact, profits soar when supply chain costs are reduced by double digits.

A best practice supply chain requires a defined mission and philosophy, a strong organization, and creative, innovative strategies. Goals, expectations, and performance measures must be established. Strategic sourcing and logistics are customer-focused. Competitive, coordinated initiatives and enablers build distinctive competencies that competitors cannot easily duplicate.

Best practice supply chain management integrates user expectations, commercial requirements, and the flow of purchased materials and services. It establishes a lowest-total-cost life cycle relationship with the supply base. It competes at the customer end item level. It wins customers by providing better value. It rewards shareholders by enhancing profitability and providing better returns.

Solutions for the Global Marketplace
At Corporate Purchasing Solutions, we understand the importance of driving integrated supply chain solutions that provide a sustainable competitive advantage for today’s, and tomorrow’s, changing business environment.

We prioritize and focus on the best supply chain opportunities for cost reduction, process improvement, and profitability enhancement in the shortest amount of time. Using aggressive, practical strategic sourcing and logistics philosophies, strategies, techniques, and practices, Integrated Strategies takes supply chain concepts to reality and converts cost to profit.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, Corporate Purchasing Solutions’ team members roll up their sleeves and focus on two critical results that drive customer success—client profitability enhancement and knowledge transfer. It is not enough to simply enhance client profit one time; profitable competitive advantage must be sustained over time.

Corporate Purchasing Solutions - the Supply Chain Leaders
Corporate Purchasing Solutions supply chain experience comprises a powerful combination of industry research and consulting support. Our track record includes advancing methodologies and business contributions in the following areas: Sourcing/Purchasing, Commodity/Supply Base Management, Logistics, Materials Management and Planning, Distribution, Inventory Management, Warehousing, Customer Focus and Distinction, and Transportation.

Combining supply chain skills with a unique ability to articulate and institutionalize a shared strategic vision, Corporate Purchasing Solutions Integrated offers clients a proven and practical roadmap for where to go, how to get there, and most importantly, what to do once you are there.



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